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Sarah & Spencer’s Wedding

I flip through Pinterest looking for inspiration; searching “rustic”, “romantic”, “charm”, “country”, “soft”, “wedding”… visions of barn boards, twine, wildflowers, hand crafted details, couples in love walking among the crops. And then the very next day… I walk into it.

Sarah and Spencer contacted me early last winter, we met for drinks and without even seeing their venue I could feel myself growing increasingly hopeful that this beautiful couple would chose me as their photographer. Sarah with her gorgeous long hair and big brown eyes, Spencer with his soft voice and baby blues, a stunning match. See their beautiful winter engagement session here.

We sat and discussed their country wedding. A simple ceremony at Sarah’s family home in Minto, Ontario followed by their reception at one of the most incredible venues I’ve had the privilege of photographing, Shenandoah Farm. I spent the morning with both in the exciting pre-wedding chaos that leads up to every wedding; flowers, bobby-pins, and premade sandwiches flying quickly through the air.

The ceremony was outdoors, under the arch in the backyard. Afterwards guests were treated to appetizers and strawberry champagne. We arrived at the reception and I was blown away with the effort that this couple, along with the help of their amazing friends and family, put into the details of their day. Chandeliers dripping with crystals, old family photos, furniture, and craft beers. I was in heaven – walking through Pinterest but this time I was literally creating my own board.

Sarah and Spencer’s wedding was one of the sweetest, friendliest, most home-grown I’ve worked on. I can’t thank everyone enough for making me feel like part of the group that day. Special thanks to, of course: Sarah, Spencer, Freyah, Dana, Leslie, Rinaldo, Ricardo, and Vincenzo ;) for keeping your cool and adding to the creativity, we made an amazing team! Congratulations again Sarah and Spencer, I hope you love your photos. xo

Scroll below to see a preview of their day or connect here to see their full collection.

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Posted on August 11th, by Catherine Mombourquette in blog.

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